Trainee Ranks- Trainee, or more known as "Duckies" in A.V.A, is the rank that every player starts out as. It is the lowest rank currently achievable and is the symbol for new players. Trainees cannot access some weapons and cannot make Clans, but they can still join one. Trainee is followed by Private.

Note: They can still buy weapons that aren't their rank, but with G-Coins. All G-Coin weapons are available for all ranks.




Backpack AEdit
Backpack BEdit
Backpack DEdit

Euro SuppliedEdit

  • € 30,000



  • Level 1~5 Channel (20% Bonus)
  • Level 1~10 Channel (10% Bonus)


  • A.V.A Free Channel 1 ~ 4
  • Prison Break Channel 1 ~ 3
  • Practice Channel 1

Clan Channel (If in a Clan)

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