Staff Sergeant 1 Ranks- Staff Sergeant 1 is the rank immediately after Sergeant, and requires 14,500 EXP. It is followed by Staff Sergeant 2. This is the first rank to feature subranks, and at this level, players can now create their own clan.

Note: They can still buy weapons that aren't their rank, but with G-Coins. All G-Coin weapons are available for all ranks.



  • Ability to create own clan

Euro SuppliedEdit

  • € 5,000


  • Remington870 - Shotgun (pump action)
  • G36 (can be upgraded to G36-Rail) - Assault Rifle (full-auto)
  • Stechkin APS - Pistol (full-auto)
  • CZ75 - Pistol (semi-auto)
  • Beretta 92FS - Pistol (semi-auto)
  • FAMAS MK3 - Assault Rifle (full-auto)
  • Remington R4 - Assault Rifle (full-auto)
  • K2 Rail - Assault Rifle (full-auto)
  • Calico - Sub-Machine Gun (full-auto)
  • AUG A2 Commando - Sub-Machine Gun (full-auto) (modified version of an Assault Rifle)


Backpack A+BEdit



  • Level 1~10 Channel (10% Bonus)


  • A.V.A Free Channel 1 ~ 4
  • Prison Break Channel 1 ~ 3
  • Practice Channel 1

Clan Channel (If in a Clan)

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