Note: Shotguns are weapons that are only usable by Point Man

Benelli m1014

Benelli M1014

Damage - 90

Range - 8

Accuracy - 35

Stability - 15

Mobility - 45

Rate of Fire - 30

Ammo - 6

High power and high ROF, the Benelli M1014 has the best kill time in close range, however it is harder to use due to fast ROF and it's range is lower than other shotguns, however for CQC this doesn't generate to many problems.


Remington 780

Damage - 85

Range - 10

Accuracy - 30

Stability - 20

Mobility - 40

Rate of Fire - 15

Ammo - 7

Though the kill time is slow, it's more accurate and more flexible over a little more range, and due to the pump action-low ROF, it makes it easier to use, however because of this, missing with this gun is not an option.

Spas 12

Spas 12

Damage - 75

Range - 10

Accuracy - 30

Stability - 15

Mobility - 35

Rate of Fire - 35

Ammo - 5

It's weak, and it has crazy recoil, however it's fast and missing won't generate too many problems because of its high ROF. Its instability makes it very difficult to use.

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