The content update of July 15, 2010, implemented the following:

Burning Temple, an escort map.

The M4Spectre into the weapon shop.

The Python 357 into the capsule shop.

The Lieutenant Beret into the item shop.

The Sergeant Beret into the item shop.

The face guard into the item shop.


Capsule Count Change - Before the capsules were stocked at 200 & 499. They will now be stocked at 149 & 300. This will increase the odds of users winning capsule weapons!&nbsp

Item Price Change - The following items prices had been reduced:

EXP Up 100% 7day | 99 --> 77 G Coin Euro Plus 7day | 45 --> 36 G Coin EXP Up 100% Expendable | 95 --> 73 G Coin

EXP Up 60% Expendable | 57 --> 44 G Coin

EXP Up 30% Expendable | 29 --> 24 G Coin

Euro Plus Expendable | 31 --> 25 G Coin

&nbsp Event Channel Closed (for soccer) - Now one could only play both of the soccer stadium maps in the normal channels. This closed the event channel in the meantime.

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