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There was a Content Update in A.V.A on April 15, 2010. This patch contained New Weapons, a new Prison Break Reward System, New Items, New Custom Parts, a Network Latency Fix, and a Ranking System Update.

New WeaponsEdit

Euro Capsule Shop: Firefox FA-MASEdit

The new Euro Capsule Shop was released with a new Euro Capsule Shop weapon, the Firefox FA-MAS.

Content Update 4.15- Firefox FA-MAS
The new Firefox-FAMAS in the Euro Capsule Shop, along with its stats.
MannanAdded by Mannan

Guns that are earned though the Euro Capsule Shop will show as blue in-game when you get a kill, like this:

Content Update 4.15- Firefox Kills
The gun is shown in blue.
MannanAdded by Mannan

Capsule Shop: Kar98kEdit

The Kar98k was released into the Capsule Shop.

Content Update 4.15- Kar98k
The Kar98k in the capsule shop along with its stats.
MannanAdded by Mannan

Weapon Shop: SG552 CommandoEdit

The SG552 Commando was released into the regular Weapon Shop.

Content Update 4.15- SG552 Commando
The SG552 Commando and its stats.
MannanAdded by Mannan

Prison Break Reward SystemEdit




In survival mode, special prisoners with Green jumpsuits will spawn every so often. Kill them and they will drop a Mystery Box!

Content Update 4.15- Green Prisoner
A green Prisoner.
MannanAdded by Mannan


1Box: 10 euros

2Boxes: 100 euros

3Boxes: 500 euros

4Boxes: STG44 1 day

5Boxes: STG 44 3 days

6Boxes: STG44 7 days

7Boxes: PPSh41 1 day

8Boxes: PPSh41 3 days

9Boxes: PPSh41 7 days

10Boxes: Walther 1 day (pistol)

11Boxes: Walther 3 days

12Boxes: Walther 7 days

13Boxes L85A2 1 day

14:Boxes L85A2 3 days

15Boxes: L85A2 7 days

16~99Boxes: Rumors of a bug and you won nothing


If you get 20 boxes you will win 20000 euros because its a medal

If you are out of euros grab a group of friend and play until get 3 boxes then kill itself. You will won 500 euros, if you want a spend no money with repairs get 4 boxes in the first time them equip the STG44 he has no repair costs, then start playing for the 3 boxes. in 6 minutes you get 3 boxes , in one hour 6000 euros its a good money.


Play Escape like you normally would. After each section you clear, a Mystery Box will spawn before you proceed to the next phase of the Escape.

Content Update 4.15- Escape
The Mystery Box after you complete the 1st Round of PB:Escape.
MannanAdded by Mannan

New ItemsEdit

M18 PurpleEdit

The M18 Purple is a grenade that emits purple smoke. It screens a smaller area than the M18 Yellow , but lasts longer.

Content Update 4.15- M18 Purple
The M18 Purple in Prison Break and a regular picture.
MannanAdded by Mannan

Lucky Shot SetEdit

Equipping this item gives you a 5% Lucky Shot bonus.

Content Update 4.15- Lucky Shot Set
MannanAdded by Mannan

New Custom PartsEdit

Galil SniperEdit

A new custom part called Fast Reaction.

Content Update 4.15- Fast Reaction
The custom part and its stats.
MannanAdded by Mannan


A new custom part called Special Force Edition.

Content Update 4.15- Special Force Edition
Stats of the Special Force Edition custom part for the MSG90A1.
MannanAdded by Mannan


  • This update also included a "Network Latency Fix", that made Improvements to the network that should reduce reports of latency made by users.
  • There was a ranking system update in which the ranking page would show the top 1,000 users. You can also now search for names that are not in the top 1,000 and you will be able to see their stats & information.


Credits for this page go to the official Content Update - 4/15 thread on the ijji Forums .

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